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  2. with primary paintings: intense hardness

    Estimation about if the primary paintings have to be visual or sound composition, it is not that easy question. If I am focus on the elements, clearly, from my point of view the composition is perfect, SILK & SKIN_ GOLD & BAMBOO.

    Musically, SILK (-) I figure it out as a whisper. SKIN (+) is plenty sonority. GOLD (-) wild be intimate because of its intense hardness. BAMBOO (+) one more time soundly and grateful.

    But, about secondary paintings the constant is opposite (musically speaking) GOURD & CLAY_WOOD & STONE. GOURD (+) is rigid but resonant, same as the SKIN. CLAY (-) is the same dense as the SILK. WOOD (+) is sonority par excellence, the same as BAMBOO. STONE (-) the mineral hardness, again, same as the GOLD.

    To me all the (+) elements are obviously musical, easygoing and easily sound. But the (-) ones, even also musicals, are introverts, dense and with an intimistic and complex sonority. I think this point doesn't has to affect to the visual composition, but it does in the sound composition. Based on the structure and order established we will get as result: _(-)_(+)(+)_(-)(-)_(+)(+)_(-)_ As you could see, in some way, we already get some type of dynamic…

    Man Ferreiro,

    musician, sound technician, creator

  3. aromatic seal

    The  "xiāng yìn" (香印), it could be translated as “aromatic seal”, is a Chinese incense watch. It is a wooden carved seal with the shape of a template, often has one or several characters with a form as a kôan (an example I like: “How many lives before I obtained flowers”). The seal it could be shaped as a flower, in a kôan like this one. Space, shape, time and aroma joint all together. The music comes from monks, from birds in a tree with the mentioned flower or from the own artist. HAVE LUCK, B.

    Manuel Gómez Anuarbe,

    landscaper, arabist, creative

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