bā yīn 八音 。8 sounds 

sonorous paintings project 。 

  1. i-Radia Crea

    。[GZ] i-Radia Crea: Cultural management agency working in different contemporary Art fields, with particular attention to the music and its relationship to other arts.

    Maintaining a strong commitment to cultural sustainability, we look for new ways of relating and communication between public and artists.

  2. executive producer

    。[GZ] Carlos Montilla: Linked to the cultural sector for over 15 years. He studied at the Universita Oberta de Catalunya, Graduate Management and Development of Cultural Projects, in addition to several courses and seminars with the same cultural orientation.

    Director of cultural management agency i-Radia Crea, dedicated to producing events and cultural projects.

    Between 2005 and 2007 serves as a freelancer for Nordesía, developing various projects, working in the production of the Festigal, A Festa dos Mundos and participates in international fairs such as Womex, Mercat de Vic.

    Between 2007 and 2010, co-founder of Nonsi?, Cultural services company, as co-director, also creates the professional performing arts company for Teatro da Gavela, being producer. As a music producer he has toured several countries such as Portugal, Argentina, France, Switzerland, etc..

    Between 2002 and 2006 heads the International Music Festival do Mundo and Foliada Festival at Lalin county.

    In 2008, production manager on the day of Galicia in Zaragoza Universal Expo.

    In 2009, production manager on the journey apointed by Xunta de Galicia for the Book Fair in Argentina, mobilizing 20 artists making several concerts.

    It is 2010, director of the FIM (Morrazo Interceltique Festival).




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