bā yīn 八音 。8 sounds 

sonorous paintings project 。 

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    。The project bā yīn 八音 (eight sounds), is about a relationship between painting and music.


    。As a mixed result, this 8 sounds project- bā yīn 八音 uses Eastern concepts with Western solutions.

    By using different locations, local characteristics can be presented alongside Galician reality in perfect symbiosis.


    。The intrusive interest often shows itself in musical creations as functions of painting, either with synaesthetic paintings in regard to sound or with visual structures parallel to music.  Always a discipline as a function of, or following another.  However, on this occasion, music and painting emerge, develop, demonstrate and perform in unison, in a parallel and mutually binding manner.  


    bā yīn 八音 fits well to be showed as a painting exhibition, artistic installation, art performance and/or musical performances or duomedia.




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