bā yīn 八音 。8 sounds 

sonorous paintings project 。 

  1. silk


    pieces: materials/support

    Thus, 8 frames of 28 x 28 cm. each, consisting of tiles in progression by 1 to 8 on each side:

    1-Silk: 1 tile on each side = 1 tile

    2-Skin: 2 tiles on each side = 4 tiles

    3-Pumpkin: 3 tiles on each side = 9 tiles

    4-Clay: 4 tiles on each side = 16 tiles

    5-Metal: 5 tiles per side = 25 tiles

    6-Bamboo: 6 tiles per side = 36 tiles

    7-Wood: 7 tiles on each side = 49 tiles

    8-Stone: 8 tiles per side = 64 tiles

    Total: 204 tiles


    8 materials are extracted from  both musical instruments and tools for Fine Arts, four from each.

    From Fine Arts:

    。Silk for painting Chinese paintings: bó 帛。

    。Clay for modeling: nián tǔ 黏土。

    。Pear-wood for woodcuts: dù lí mù 杜梨木。

    。Stone as paperweight for Chinese Calligraphy: zhǐ zhèn 纸镇。


    From Music:

    。Skin from drum leather: gǔ 鼓。

    。Gourd from gourd bottle flute: hú lū sī 葫芦丝。

    。Metal from gong: luó 锣。

    。Bamboo from Bamboo clapper: kuài bǎn 快板。

  2. tuning: resonance boxes

    Each of the tiles-material will be mounted in a small box on top of a big resonance box. 8 big boxes/8 materials, with the same size and variable depth, which will enable each piece to be tuned differently. With the intention of percuss on each.

    Likewise, the group of tiles of the same material will be mounted in a box of 32x32x32 cm. which will serve as a main echo chamber. 8 different types of tropical wood will be used for each of that pieces.

  3. silk  。blackwood ᐃ

    silk  。blackwood ᐃ

  4. paintings

    On each of the paintings, I will paint  the instrument  in response to the material it represents , making visual reference in orientation, season, color, and the element  correspondingly.

    Example: Silk (South, summer, red, fire) it appreciate in the lute: qín 琴; and zither: sè 瑟

    The aim is to strike each of the tiles in order to make a recording of 204 sounds.

    204 raw sounds will be given to musicians to be used as method explains.




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