bā yīn 八音 。8 sounds 

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  1. nani garcía   。composer

    nani garcía   。composer


    。[GZ]  Nani García: composer and pianist. Founding member of Clunia jazz band, also the record label Xingra. Throughout his career, he shared the stage and studio with Jorge Pardo, Perico Sambeat, Marcos Teira, Paolo Fresu, Dulce Pontes, Manecas Costa, João Afonso, Tom Gullion, Alfonso Moran, Michael Macgoldrick, Karen Matheson, X. Manuel Budiño Luis Emilio Batallán, Amancio Prada, Paco Charlin, Pablo Milanes, Luar na Lubre.

    Responsible, among others, of the award-winning soundtrack of De Profundis.



    。[GZ Xocas Meijide: clarinetist. Frequent musical collaborator with Guillermo Aymerich, with whom also shares other multimedia projects. Both are members of MMM (Metropolitan / Media / Movement).  

    Training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama of London, Universidad de Alcala de Henares, Universidade de A Coruña and the Conservatory of Rotterdam.

    Played with Canadian NAFTA Quartet, Alla Milchtein, Rob Broek and Rainer Klass, Galicia Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic of Galicia, Galicia Symphony Youth Orchestra, Ciudad de Oviedo Orchestra, Over Het Orkest Amsterdam and The Rotterdam Young Philharmonic.

    Make recitals in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Cuba, Argentina and China. He recently recorded a double CD.



    。[GZ Miguel Cabana: percussionist. Share projects with Jose Luis Evangelist Quartet, Carmen Rey Group, Javier Pereira Trio, Jazz and Monkillos + Q.



    。[GZ Xavier Ferreiro (Man): producer, sound technician and component joining as musician the folk band Luar na Lubre and the experimental duo manOcas (with Xocas Meijide).
    Born into a family of musicians, Xavier Ferreiro (Man) was formed as percussionist in Cologne, Caracas and New York. After several years in jazz bands, Latin music and dance groups.
    Associated with Nani García to found Xingra, label dealing with avant-garde music. Combines music creation with his own studio work, called Bruar.



    。[Z] Juan Flores (MacGyver):  micro-robotics and communication technician, professional climber and device inventor.  He collaborates with the micro-robotics forum from the Public University of Navarra.

    At the moment he is working on the communications project “Proyecto La Loma” in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau.



    。[GZ]    David Ferrando Giraut: artist moving image. His work explores the parallelism between image and audio recordings and the idea of ruin, and the links between ruin and allegory. Often influenced by the aesthetics of horror films and B movies, his pieces show a fascination by the ghostly qualities of audiovisual technologies, and an interest in nostalgia, understood as a tool of analysis which prompt a critical gaze on our present.

    He lives and works in London. He graduated from a MFA in Art Practice in Goldsmiths College in 2008. Recent exhibitions and screenings include: Against Gravity, ICA, London; Everything is Out There, La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Journeys End in Lovers Meetings, Galería Visor, Valencia, Spain; Between a Hole and a Home, James Taylor Gallery, London; Time Capsules, the Gallery SOHO, London; Triumph Of The Will, curated by The Centre Of The Universe for JTP09, James Taylor Gallery, London; Stranger Things Are Happening, at ASPEX, Portsmouth; Modern Times, Vegas Gallery, London; Situación, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC), Santiago de Compostela, Spain; No Borders (Just N.E.W.S.), an exhibition organized by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), showing the work of 29 young European artists in La Centrale Electrique, Brussels, The Thessaloniki Centre for Contemporary Art, and Espacio Forja, Valencia, or Pancevo Republic!, part of the XIII Pancevo Art Biennial, Serbia.



    。[GZRecording studio: Bruar, A Coruña.  

    Specialization in producing music for audiovisual, tv and movies, where work and demand has been leading us.

    Beyond the technical improvements, Bruar label still believes the best value is the human factor and the experience in production and postproduction in all formats of music.



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