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  1. li tieqiao  。sax

    li tieqiao  。sax

    CHN guests

    。[CHN]  Li Tieqiao: CORFIRMED!

    A Chinese composer, saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist and curator. He is an extended techniques player and an outstanding experimentalist. In his improvisation he bravely experiment in search for a new expression between the boarders of jazz, rock and electronic noise.

    He was a member of Chinese folk/rock/jazz/experimental bands including Glorious Pharmacy, Ping Pong Band, Beautiful melon 9+2 Improvisation Ensemble.

    He used to work in Oslo, playing with Peter Brötzmann and Praxis. He has also been performing at a number of festivals including Organ 2 (Norway), Early Wind (Germany), Midi Music Festival, Sally Can't Dance, 2pi, Notch (in China).



    。[CHN] Min Xiao-Fen: CONFIRMED!

    Internationally renowned for her virtuosity and fluid style, pipa soloist/singer/composer.

    She was chosen by Nanjing Traditional Music Orchestra of China before she moved to the United States in 1992, she was soloist with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, the Pacific Symphony, the San Diego Symphony, the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, the Amiens Chamber Orchestra (France) and the Nieuw Ensemble (Holland). She has also performed at the Lincoln Center Festival, the San Francisco Jazz Festival, the Vienna Music Festival, the Amsterdam-China Festival, the Utrecht International Lute Festival, the Berlin Chinese Music Festival, and the TUM Festival (Finland).

    She worked with Randy Weston, recorded Shaolin Ulysses and The Port of Last Resort (Tzadik) with Cyro Baptista and Marc Ribot, movie soundtracks composed by John Zorn. She also played with Tan Dun’s, Peter Sellars, Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Bun-Ching Lam, Philip Glass, Wadada Leo Smith, Jane Ira Bloom, Mark Dresser, Jon Jang, Ned Rothenberg. and as well She even had a guest appearance on singer Björk’s album.

    Min has taught many classes  of Master degree, and has been a resident artist in Manhattan School of Music, Texas A&M University, Boston Conservatory, Columbia University, University of California, San Diego, Pittsburgh’s CAPA High School and Amsterdam Conservatory.




    Zhang Jian and Christian Virant develops Fm3 into China's leading platforms for avant-garde music.  They have been performing at the Louvre Auditorium in Paris and at media and art festivals worldwide, including Maerz Musik (Berlin), Impakt (Utrecht), Dissonanze (Rome), Marke B (Berlin), Nuit Blanche (Paris), Arborescence (Marseille), Sprawl (London), Out the Window (Tokyo) and Mutek (Montreal).

    Zhang Jian is one of China's top session keyboardists and leading computer musician. He has worked with Zhang Chu, Ziyue and Dou Wei, among others. He is also one of Beijing's most sought-after film and tv composers, while working with a diverse range of underground filmmakers on the other hand/on the flip side.

    Fm3 records for the Berlin-based Staalplaat record label, and has also released music on Bip-Hop (France), Mutek_Rec (Canada), Mousike (Italy), Nascente UK, Leerraum (Switzerland) and Sublime Frequencies in US.

    In 2005, Fm3 released the blown-up sound box Buddha Machine.



    。[CHN] Pet Conspiracy: CONFIRMED!

    Electro-underground superband based in Beijing. Eclectic training: Chinese folk underground composer (Huzi), TV and radio broadcaster, Ziyo vocalist, voice-Hollywood soundtracks (Helen), Italian indie graphic designer (Edo) and designer Yun Yun with screaming bases.



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