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    。[GZ]  Prof. Dr. Guillermo Aymerich, AKA Ou ka la (沤 卡 辣) was born in Santiago de Compostela-Galicia (North of Portugal) in 1964. For the past 5 years he lives and works in both Beijing and Europe.

    Graduated in Fine Arts from the UPV-Valencia Polithecnical University and the NYU-New York University, he was awarded doctorate later by  the UPV, where he has been working as a Professor at the “Master degree on Artistic Production”.

    Currently he works as a Professor at the UPV, while also in cooperation with Universities in Salvador de Bahia,  Aracaju, Praga, Galway and Beijing.

    Since the 80´s he has been showing up in many exhibitions as a painter. He has carried out 31 solo exhibitions and participated in almost 200 collective ones all over the world.

    But it was in 1994, during his stay in New York City when he started to develop a series of painting projects featuring different places, to put it more specifically,  focusing many kinds of the existing relationships between painting and photography. Given this, he was always in the need of continuous traveling, looking for special inputs from/by any specific location he arrived in. He has created Artwork series from Galicia, New York, Bavarian Alps, French Brittany, Cabo de Gata, Northeastern of Brazil, Balkan Mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North of Morocco, Shanghai, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Java, Cambodia, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand… In the following steps of his concept, he will be traveling around in order to find new locations to continue his conceptual painting projects.

    New Yorker East Coast, Bavarian Alps, French Brittany, Galician Endland, Europe's Southernmost European desert called Cabo de Gata, Brazilian Northeast, riparian Shanghai, seaport in Casablanca, West Bohemia, centralist Beijing, Bosnian Balkans, Inner Mongolia, maritime Osaka, isolationist Java, wetland Cambodia, fluvial Laos, agitated Thailand, the "four Asian tigers": Hongkong, Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan... 

    All that destinations were carefully chosen by himself prior to the trip, drawing self-created relationships or positional links on a map. All the places have given him the possibilities to apply the same kind of “work in process”. However, the result of those series differs, depending on each of the selected locations, even though the concept always remained the same, . After several trips and Artwork series, he wrote the book “One method for thinking the space”, where he elucidates his approach on how those series were made and how his own method developed through times and places.

    His Artwork is in 33 Museums and institutions as well as numerous private collections.



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