bā yīn 八音 。8 sounds 

sonorous paintings project 。 

  1. general bā yīn system

    general bā yīn system


    This project proposes a new ranking based on a combination different from that offered in Sanzijing.

    This is a list of geographic and binary pairs which are moving clockwise but alternating order in each sequence of two:

    a) First pair of  South-North. (down / up)

    Unlike in  the west, the North indicated the basic orientation to not lose, in China begins with the South as the place to look where the Emperor, therefore, also the entry of Forbidden City face to the South.

    b) Pair  of  Northeast -Southwest. (up / down)

    c) West –East. (horizontal)

    d) Southeast –Northwest. (down / up)




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